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Ed Q.

Maple Valley, WA

"We have always loved coming to Rock Creek for our truck and car repairs and yesterday was no exception. After our truck lost power and died on the way to Ravensdale and back out to the camp where we volunteer, we called Tom for advice. We had been in earlier to have the oil changed. Tom not only gave advice but drove out to meet us on the side of the road, brought his computer with and analyzed the problem--plus fixed it right there, followed us to the camp to make sure we got there. This is not the first time Tom and his staff have bent over backward to help us in an emergency situation. Our truck was full of groceries and we still had a drive ahead of us back up to our home at Snoqualmie Pass. Made it home before dark! Rave reviews to Tom Helman and his staff at Rock Creek. Thank you doesn't even seem enough!"

My experience was much like others'.. Greeted at my car, they honored a coupon I saw online but didn't have ability to print. I paid $34 for a 10 minute oil change. They also vacuumed my car, cleaned my windows, and I think checked the air in the tires. Overall I was shocked at how quickly they were finished. It seems that others had the same experience. I usually dread taking my car in for maintenance but I will definitely be back next time it needs service. Our techs name was Marlin or Merlin, I couldn't see his name tag very well. He was pretty quiet and I wasn't sure if he was done or what info he needed, but he got the job done and the interior of my car looks great.


Randi S.

Seattle, WA

Love this place and all the guys!  This is a great place not only for your regular oil change (they are very quick and thorough) but for any repairs and/or maintenance. Tom is great at answering any questions and explaining everything.

Ginger C.

Maple Valley, WA

We just moved to the area from out of state and could not be more pleased to have found this place.  We have always done Oil Can Henry's in the past but the only comparable to that in Maple Valley is Jiffy Lube which everybody knows is a big no-no.  The staff was very friendly, they vacuumed the front seat floor boards, and topped off all the fluids.


David B.

Maple Valley, WA

I caught a vague oil-burning smell as I was out running errands today, and suddenly remembered that I never got that oil change I promised the SUV after the 5,000-mile road trip to TX! And I'd done another 1k since then. Oops.

Being somewhat new to MV, I remembered driving by this place because it's a 5-min walk to Hop Jack's, which is a great place to hang out when getting your oil changed because happy hour is 2-6pm. Call it a late lunch.

I dropped off the truck with the nice guy who came right out, had a leisurely lunch, and picked it up an hour later. Not only did they do a premium oil change, they had also cleaned all my windows and vacuumed the entire interior! I really saw the difference because I'd taken a camping trip the weekend before and there were pine needles everywhere.

One benefit of living "way out" here. Excellent service! I'll be back.



Lana C.

Seattle, WA



-Google Users

-Great, friendly service. Very willing to check into potential problem spots, and they don't charge unless there is a repair that needs to be done. I would highly recommend them to anyone - they're our go-to auto repair place. Full service oil change too, with a vacuuming of the interior!



-Took my durango in for oil change, and I had oil leaking from under and tranny fluids. They took the guard off, under the car, spent two hours cleaning it then sent me home for a couple days to find the leak.I took it back and within ten min I was on my way with only a minor tranny leak that I will be bringing back for them to fix at a reasonable price. Oh did I mention they didn't charge me for the two hours they spent cleaning all the oil out from under my car!!!!! I would recommend this place to anyone. Thank you rock creek, you have a forever customer


-We were going to fix our own fuel pump but had heard that Tom (owner) of Rock Creek Lube would not overcharge us for the job.  He did the job for an incredibly reasonable price and fast too.  We just might not be do-it-yourself mechanics anymore.  We then suggested my 70 year old mother to bring her car in because her car kept going dead over night. Tom worked on it for 2 days trying to find that the electronic adjustment for the seat was staying on. We would never have found that and he only charged her for 2 hours labor. This is an HONEST and efficient mechanic  that you can TRUST!!!

Once again thanks RCLC. I came in after failing emissions and needed to get help and wanting to get things done and rechecked today, but forgot my emissions paperwork in Seattle at work. These guys took the time to deal with the gov. agencies to get duplicates printed out and take care of my car with all needed forms so I could get back down to emissions. This saved me a trip and let me get all this taken care in 1 day.
Thanks for all the effort guys, it is appreciated!


-Mike S.

Seattle, WA

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